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The New Standard
in Prospecting and Drilling De-risking



With a head office located in Finland, NOVEL is a fast-growing professional services firm with an international team of trusted consultants, geologists, and geophysics and a long-standing experience in geologic prospecting and exploration across energy, resources, water and environment. 


NOVEL’s team, totalling well over 100 years of industry experience, provides expert services formulating strategies of investments, reducing customers’ investments and maximising the success of the exploration projects. We reduce risk and improve the overall exploration process that spans the full exploration cycle and empowers private investors and license owners.

NOVELS’s accelerated geologic study on licensed blocks run by own NOVEL’s Integrated Geological Centre and designed fit-for-purpose to deliver a real value in oil, natural gas, helium, hydrogen and geothermal exploration contributing to the path to decarbonisation. 


Our clients range from small-cap start-ups to mid-cap producers to National Oil Companies.

Our services cover the following areas: 

•    project planning and management

•    survey design and field studies

•    data processing and integration 

•    drilling planning and supervision 

•    advisory and management consulting 

•    support of M&A 

•    independent expertise

•    prospecting and exploration 

•    early field development 

•    onshore and offshore


We define, design and manage projects that create value to a complex and resource-scarce world

Geologic Expertise

  • NOVEL is a single source of all prospecting, exploration and early field development operations.


  • NOVEL aims to deliver to our customers a complete and reliable information eliminating the uncertainty of the project.


  • NOVEL carries out fit-for-purpose Accelerated Geological Studies of regions and licensed blocks by assessing the prospect of natural resource potential, the feasibility of geologic exploration and planning drilling activities.​

  • Novel takes into account many factors to formulate strategies of investments allowing  a  progressively  clearer  perception  of project  risk  and  exploration  performance  that  can be  improved  through  a  constructive  analysis  of  geotechnical  predictions,  review  of  exploration  tactics versus  declared  strategy,  and  year-to-year  comparison of exploration performance parameters.

  • To select the right exploration strategies and support successful decision-making under uncertainty NOVEL analysis the quality of initial data, considers the risk, identifies the available alternatives and combines different approaches with a professional judgment and an geological expertise.


  • ​We minimise the explorational costs and drilling risks with consolidating plans for exploration activities.​​

  • Our flexibility in terms of methodologies, techniques, exploration by modules and artificial intelligent solutions increases the value of a project and permits decisions changes in all stages of the project.


Novel runs strategic long-term partnership with surveying technology providers, data analysts and software developers to project implementation and can therefore holistically support our customers in the prospecting and exploration activities – from planning through drilling to evaluation of resources and field development.


During the project planning and exploration, our customers receive the best-practice and technological approaches from Novel.


Novel thinks in end-to-end processes and solutions. Our customers can rely on a symbiosis of process and consulting to define prospects and decision making for successful drilling.


As a supplier of integrated solutions, Novel has the strongest and deepest know-how in integration of different methodologies and approaches.


NOVEL's software solutions produce the most accurate and timely guidelines and provide a comprehensive prospecting & exploration information for making strategic decisions.


Making complex easy for our clients is what we do


Crude Oil

Natural Gas




Integrated Geology Center (IGC)

  • NOVEL’s AI-based Integrated Geology Center (IGC) solution combines geological experience, comprehensive methods and all available geological information to define areas of interest and reduce the risk of drilling operations.

  • Our team with a support of NOVEL digital platform will obtain and integrate data from up 15 existing sources including geologic, seismic, non-seismic geophysical, geochemical, remote sensing and drilling data.

  • We create transparency for all available data and create a truly powerful data room with integrated information.

  • Designed fit-for-purpose operations based on software solutions free valuable time to focus on prospect ranking and de-risking drilling.

  • IGC solution allows to mitigate risk of information loss caused by lots of data and gives alerts to change and adopt exploration plans when new potential exploration or drilling risks arise.​

  • Significant reduction of routine data analysis work simplifies decision-making related to performing multiple explorational activities in combination, independently, or sequentially.


- Earth Remote Sensing

- Seismic design

- Seismic data processing 

- Seismic data interpretation

- Electromagnetic Sounding

- Geochemical Studies 

- Drilling de-risking

Drilling Support

- Technical Company Man

- Drilling & Completions Support Engineer

- Wellsite Geologist

Resource Evaluation

- Processing and interpretation of well logging data

- Reservoir charachterization

- 3D Geological Model

- Probabilities and risks

Field Simulator

- Optimal well pattern

- Drilling design

- Injection plan

- Production optimization

Transaction Advisory

- M&A

- Geo-Technical Consultancy

- Independent Expertise

Our work experience

Field &




Lake &


Hill &


African Heat

& Arctic

Our Track Record in Seismic
Processing and Interpretation Service

  • Full stack 3D - 25 000

  • Full stack 2D - 145 000

  • Seismic data processing 3D - 22 000+

  • Seismic data processing 2D - 90 000+

  • Seismic data interpretation 3D - 23 000

  • Seismic data interpretation 2D - 130 00+

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