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Through its global networking, NOVEL provides the ultimate in independent consultancy, from concept to conclusion of well operations and has access to drilling engineers, completion engineers, company men, and drilling managers, all trained by major oil companies to deliver best results even in highly complex drilling projects. 


NOVEL’s team brings project value in planning, managing and optimizing drilling operations by using the latest breakthroughs in technology to create highly efficient drilling operation programs, reduce risk and achieve optimal results.


By providing access to the necessary experts, our trusted team will work in partnership with you to carry out the rigorous assessment and planning required to create and execute action plans designed to reduce risk, deliver results and save valuable rig time across the lifecycle.

We have access to experts in:

•    Directional drilling 
•    Side-tracking
•    Well completions 
•    Rig and Surface equipment
•    Well fishing
•    Workover
•    Managed pressure drilling
•    Multilateral wells
•    Cement Design
•    Frac Design 
•    Logging & log interpretation


Technical Company Man

NOVEL helps to increase drilling performance and decrease well costs by providing Technical Company Men to supplement your team and keep costs low. 


Our experienced in primary drilling service personnel understands the physics of downhole conditions and can significantly reduce the risk of sticking and partial casing runs.


Expert qualifications:
•    Perform all company man duties
•    Detailed daily reporting
•    Torque and drag forecasting
•    Eliminate stuck pipe
•    Ensuring successful casing runs


Drilling & Completions Support Engineer

We know how to identify changes and deliver optimal levels of incremental drilling performance, eliminating many of the risks associated with drilling in the early stages of field development. 


The Drilling & Completions Support Engineers from NOVEL are professionals who save time by optimising the process from planning to execution. 


By daily reporting and giving a look at what's going on downhole, they work onsite closely with your company men, drillers, and third parties to promote best practices, document lessons learned and provide specific recommendations to reduce risk and improve performance.

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Wellsite Geologist

A large amount of geologic data is acquired during a drilling operation. Ensuring the best quality and effective reporting of this information plays a key role in well design, drilling operations, and later using the data in field studies.


NOVEL ensures close cooperation between the geology, drilling and drilling engineering by providing its own wellsite geologists, who are the main point of contact at the wellsite between drilling rigs and customer representatives. 


Our wellsite experts work under the supervision of clients, communicating and discussing clients’ intentions, plans and concerns with the wellsite team. As a part of duty, wellsite geologists track drilling operations in the field, advise on how to drill, collect and analyse samples of material taken from the well, advise field personnel, and submit reports to clients. 


Advising people on safety risks is part of a wellsite geologist's role. For instance, our experts offer a technical advice on safely accessing the formation and controlling conditions on site to keep members of the crew safe, as well as protecting expensive drilling equipment.


Our services include but not limited to:

-    Technical package, objectives and drilling program review
-    Drill cuttings analysis, descriptions and QC
-    Data, correlations and decisions
-    Mudlogging, MWD and LWD, wireline logging, core handling, micro and nano paleontologists team supervision
-    Coring operations
-    Casing Log correlation/Interpretation and QC
-    Final Perforation Recommendations
-    Reservoir analysis
-    Geosteering / Horizontal drilling
-    Daily Report, Interpreted Geosurvey, Lithology
-    Safety and communicating
-    Meetings and daily schedule

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