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Geochemical Studies

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Geochemical surveys play an important role in the exploration and study of the genesis, generation, migration, accumulation and alteration of petroleum, helium, hydrogen and geothermal reserves. Surface geochemical exploration methods cannot replace conventional exploration methods, but they can be a powerful complement to them. 


NOVEL’s experience shows that integration of seismic data and geochemical data yields a greater definition of exploration targets than provided by either method separately. We know from our experience that some geochemical methods find their greatest utility when used in conjunction with available geological and geophysical information.


Our company has extensive experience in planning, acquiring and processing direct and indirect geochemical exploration technologies, whether onshore or offshore.  

  • More about Earth Remote Sensing
    The theoretical foundation for the uncovering of the interior of the Earth’s crust through multispectral space imagery was developed by Soviet scientists who suggested that different objects reflect different amounts of incoming energy. More studies showed that earth radiation retains a memory of its origin, so information about the deep subsurface processes taking place inside an object is contained in any object's radiant energy. It has been confirmed many times that the temperature state of the rock is determined by the rising endogenous heat flow, the dynamics of the geological environment and the thermal properties of the rock. Satellites take multispectral and hyperspectral images in multiple wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, where each pixel has complete spectral information. Hence, Earth Remote Sensing data processing requires running a comprehensive analysis of multispectral characteristics including calculations of the effective flux density of spectral and thermal radiation taking into attention block-fault structures, spatial and temporal dynamics and normalized vegetation stress in relation to the deep structure of the geologic environment.
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