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Seismic Survey Design

Seismic surveys have become a major tool in the exploration. NOVEL believes that there is much more to designing a seismic survey than simply choosing sources and receivers and shooting away.


In 2D and 3D seismic survey design, the parameter choice has to satisfy a wide variety of geophysical, operational, and cost constraints. We call this design process “an optimization process.” 


Our survey design strategy takes a pragmatic approach, combining geophysical and logistical considerations with innovative and integrated thinking.  This way, the optimum survey can be designed at the outset of any exploration project, balancing between various requirements, cost and quality. 


NOVEL produces Survey Design Report where describes the geophysical survey design of the planned investigations. It is usually based upon the outcome of the SWOT analysis of geophysical methods, the prior information gathered and conclusions from desk studies about the site. Report includes: survey coverage , possible extension, methods and source, positioning, timing and staff safety and environmental plan, possible adjustments of the survey design according to unexpected site conditions.


NOVEL, as the designer of the survey always obtains the best signal at the lowest cost.

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