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  • More about Earth Remote Sensing
    The theoretical foundation for the uncovering of the interior of the Earth’s crust through multispectral space imagery was developed by Soviet scientists who suggested that different objects reflect different amounts of incoming energy. More studies showed that earth radiation retains a memory of its origin, so information about the deep subsurface processes taking place inside an object is contained in any object's radiant energy. It has been confirmed many times that the temperature state of the rock is determined by the rising endogenous heat flow, the dynamics of the geological environment and the thermal properties of the rock. Satellites take multispectral and hyperspectral images in multiple wavelengths of electromagnetic radiation, where each pixel has complete spectral information. Hence, Earth Remote Sensing data processing requires running a comprehensive analysis of multispectral characteristics including calculations of the effective flux density of spectral and thermal radiation taking into attention block-fault structures, spatial and temporal dynamics and normalized vegetation stress in relation to the deep structure of the geologic environment.

NOVEL’s goal has always been single-minded – focus on addressing project risk and uncertainty and find value in the details to provide a true value of Reserve/Resource that plays a crucial role in a business. 


We created a series of discrete deterministic subsurface models to address key subsurface uncertainties to test a range of possible development scenarios with a support innovative solutions where traditional solutions are faltering.


Leveraging best-in-class datasets and machine learning technology, NOVEL delivers exceptional and unique value through our creative solutions and customised approaches designed for single-well studies as well as fully integrated field or area reviews.

Our team consists of exploration/production geologists, geophysicists, petrophysicists, reservoir engineers and economists with a strong operational background in reservoir studies in different parts of the world, covering a comprehensive range of reservoir types, structural styles, depositional environments and has extensive experience in subsurface analysis and commercial evaluations in conventional oil, non-associated gas, gas condensate, heavy oil, shale gas, helium, and geothermal resources. 

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