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Seismic Data Interpretation

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We have a wide range of interpretation techniques at our disposal that help us provide the best geological solutions during our work.


Starting from horizons' correlation and isochron and structural maps' creation, we deliver a detailed survey / exploration and development well drilling recommendations. In the process, we apply a wide range of techniques, including velocity model building, seismic facies and attribute analysis, seismic wave inversion, spectral decomposition, and more.


Our experts have extensive experience in data integration and are ready to integrate any available G+G data for different types of geophysical surveys. When we have gravimetric, geomagnetic or geochemical survey data as input, we process and integrate it into the project, leveraging the strengths of each method to improve the final model and achieve better results.


At the discretion of our client and depending on the specifics of the project, we can use either of universal interpretation software: Petrel (Schlumberger), Decision Space (Halliburton), Hampson-Russel (CGG) and combinations of supplementary software for specific tasks (such as Tessral Pro, Stratimagic etc). 


In addition, we are using self-developed software as a part of NOVEL’s Integrated Geology Center (IGC) and can subcontract services to use as much technology as possible for project execution.

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