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Seismic Data Processing

Novel provides onshore and offshore seismic data processing services in 2D and 3D options.


We can execute both standard processing in time (PSTM/APSTM) and depth (PSDM/APSDM) domains with calculation of attributes and inversions (AVO/PSI), and special types and procedures of processing, such as CRS, multi-parameter regularization, full-azimuth migration, specialized migrations (Beam, RTM) etc.


At our client's discretion and depending on the specifics of the project, we can use any of the following general processing software: Omega (Schlumberger), Geovation (CGG), Focus (Paradigm), Promax (Halliburton). At the same time, we use auxiliary software to implement algorithms that general software lacks.


Our experts have extensive experience in executing projects of various complexities and various seismic geological conditions. We have completed many projects of different sizes, including large projects - 2D area studies up to 25000 and 3D up to 1600 km2. We master onshore processing techniques (eg shallow processing techniques) and special techniques for offshore data processing (OBN, BroadBand, de-ghosting).


When undertaking high-volume projects, we use scalable solutions with cloud computing power. This can significantly reduce project time due to the temporary expansion of the computing power of most CPU-consuming programmes.

  • 2D

  • 3D

  • Land

  • Marine

  • Conventional/Unconventional

  • Different geological environment

  • All types of seismic surveys (including paper medias)

  • Combination of different softwares to improve efficiency and solve major problems

  • Trained and experienced personnel

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